Crude oil distillation

What does mineral oil consist of? Which products can be won from crude oil through distillation? What will be the yield of these fractions? These questions, which are an everyday matter in the petrochemicals industry, can already be answered in the trial laboratory. The ideal solutions for such tasks are manual and fully-automatic distillation plants according to ASTM D 2892, ASTM D 5236 and ASTM D 1160.

The ASTM standards facilitate an identification of the crude oil samples used, whereby the ASTM D 2892 provides information up to a boiling-point of 400° C and ASTM D 5236 the continuing fractionation up to a max. boiling point of 575° C. The standard ASTM D 1160 describes the boiling analysis of samples boiling at high temperatures under vacuum.

From the process engineering and development, via the construction of systems and glass apparatus, right through to control engineering and software, PILODIST designs complete plants with input volumes of up to 50 litres.