PILODIST® 100 CC with dehydration system

Redesigned PETRODIST 100 CC working in strict accordance with ASTM D-2892. The system provides a 20 L stainless steel flask and is equipped with an integrated water removal system (dehydration). This option removes water from wet crude samples.

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PILODIST® has manufactured and successfully installed a customized fully automatic computer controlled system, basically working according to ASTM D-2892 for crude oil distillation but with a special type of distillation columns to allow a very high separation efficiency of up to 100 theroretical plates.

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PILODIST® bubble cap tray columns

PILODIST ® bubble cap tray columns, made entirely of borosilicate glass are frequently used for educational simulation in universities or studies of mass transfer processes in rectification, absorption as well as reaction.

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Inhouse glass-blowing

PILODIST has its own glass-blowing shop in which recognized specialists produce unusual plant components and spare parts within the shortest time.

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Crude oil distillation

What does mineral oil consist of? Which products can be won from crude oil through distillation? What will be the yield of these fractions?

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Upgrades of existing plants

Old becomes (almost) new! The majority of already existing ASTM distillation plants can be modernized without problems – and above all, cost-effectively.

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