Thanks to Norbert for 50 years of loyalty

Today was the last work day of Norbert. He joined my earlier family business FISCHER Labor- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH, founded by my father in 1967 and continued in PILODIST GmbH later on. So he was working for a total of 50 years in the same job, being responsible for the electronic department.

Norbert has always been an example of a loyal, committed, engaged and dutiful member of the team!

All our current team is unhappy to lose our valuable colleague but wish him happiness and health in his private life.


Receipt of German Patent for Automatic Phase separation

We are happy and proud to announce that the following patent now has been officially been assigned by “Deutsches Patentamt” which is the German patent authorities.

Automatic phase separation

This is a special feature being used in the water removal (dehydration) option of our fully automatic crude oil distillation systems PETRODIST 100 CC. The water removal accessories separates the water from wet crude oils as ASTM D2892 requires dehydration before distillation for crude oils having more than 0,4% of water content.

The automatic phase separator automatically discharges precisely the separated water into a can without overlapping while light components that have been evaporated during the process are automatically being recharged to the distillation flask without operator intervention.

Stellen als Mechatroniker/in / Elektroniker/in

Wir suchen zur Verstärkung unseres Teams

Mechatroniker/in  /  Elektroniker/in / Elektromechaniker/in oder vergleichbar (Quereinsteiger)

in Vollzeitbeschäftigung.

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Image film of AmSpec/Rotterdam showing PETRODIST systems

Image film of AmSpec/Rotterdam showing PETRODIST systems at customer’s site
(Petrodist® sequence starting at 0:40 min.)

PETRODIST® systems at BP Gelsenkirchen

PETRODIST® systems at BP Gelsenkirchen as a reference for quality, control and research
(Petrodist® sequence starting at 2:54 min.)
Images BP PETRODIST® systems

World of Technology & Science (WoTs), October 02nd – 05th, 2018 | Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands

Industrial Automation, Laboratory Technology, Industrial Electronics, Motion & Drives and Industrial Processing

LAB-SUPPLY, August 29th, 2018 | Dresden, Germany

The regional trade fair for instrumental analytics, laboratory technology, chemicals and biotechnology

Mitarbeiter/in Dokumentation gesucht

Wir suchen  dringend zur Erstellung und Pflege von technischen Dokumentationen wie Bedienungsanleitungen, Beschreibung von Ablaufprozessen sowie zur Pflege unseres Internet-Auftrittes in deutscher und englischer Sprache

eine/n Mitarbeiter/in Dokumentation

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Stelle als Ingenieur(in) / Techniker(in)

Wir suchen zur Verstärkung unseres Teams eine/n

Ingenieur(in) /  Techniker(in)

in Vollzeitbeschäftigung.

Unser Unternehmen befasst sich mit der Entwicklung und dem Bau von verfahrenstechnischen Destillationsanlagen/Laborgeräten mit dem Schwerpunkt der vollautomatischen Erdölanalyse.
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We all at PILODIST would like to thank you all for your visits on our booth. It has been a real pleasure to see you all and to introduce our latest PILODIST systems and to discuss pending projects. We have had a tremendous response from new distributors as well as endusers from all over the world.

Following some impressions from our booth.

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k-25.03.2017 040     k-25.03.2017 034    k-25.03.2017 041


Germany’s growth champion 2017

We are proud to announce that PILODIST GmbH  been appointed for the second time as one of the “Growth Champions” of the German industry for 2017 by the German magazine FOCUS in cooperation with STATISTA.

We belong again to the TOP 500 German growth champions and are listed in the ranking on position no. 26 in the plant engineering and construction industry.

We all at PILODIST are overwhelmed about this repeated award which motivates us to continue our way with

  • excellent product quality
  • superior design
  • innovative products
  • quick spare parts supply and
  • supportive and competent service both on site as well as by remote online access.

Thanks to all our clients and partners worldwide for this tremendous success we have enjoyed!