Maxwell-Bonnell-Calculator with new feature

Please use our Maxwell-Bonnell-Calculator to convert actual temperatures (ACT) into athmospheric equivalent temperatures (AET) and to determine the pressure needed in the system so that AET corresponds to the ACT.

The Maxwell-Bonnell Calculator determines the atmospheric equivalent temperature (AET) from the observed vapor temperature (ACT) in the distillation system under vacuum.
The Calculator is also capable to determine the observed vapor temperature (ACT) in case the atmospheric equivalent temperature (AET) and the pressure are known.

With the new feature the Maxwell-Bonnell calculator is provided with an additional pressure determination. By entering an AET and an ACT, the user can now determine the pressure needed in the system so that AET corresponds to the ACT.

Maxwell Bonnel 2016

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PILODIST 250 – Distillation system for continuous and discontinuous (batch) operation

We are proud to display a customized distillation system just recently manufactured and installed by PILODIST engineering team. Pilodist_26-11-2015_15474_PD250SDThe system has been designed to operate under atmospheric  as well as vacuum conditions down to 1 Torr in continuous and discontinuous (batch) mode by using either a circulation evaporator with level sensors or a distillation flask with electrical heating mantle. This specific system is completed with an automatic fraction collector which operates 10 receivers. It is designed with 4
distillation columns with silvered high-vacuum mantle and packed with SULZER packing and additional electrical column heating mantles to ensure adiabatic operation.
PILODIST 250 systems are designed by our engineering team according to specific customer needs to fulfill specific research or training projects. The variable includes the number of distillation columns, type and diameter of distillation column (bubble cap tray column or packed columns) for different throughputs, the number of feed and product take-off (discharge) points just to mention some criterias, all details being engineered depending on the job definition.
For further information contact info@pilodist.de, Phone +49 2225 955910 or fill out our Project inquiry.







PETRODIST 200 HV – crude oil distillation system for automatic operation following ASTM D-5236

Processor controlled crude oil distillation system for automatic operation following ASTM D-5236 for distillation up to a final temperature of 600° C AET.PILODIST_15190_PETROSIST200HV

The crude oil is charged into a 33 L stainless steel flask for charge of 10-22 L of crude oil and heated by an electrical heating bath. The heating bath has 3 horizontal heating zones which can be activated or de-activated  according to the filling level of the flask.  All rising vapors are passing through a DN 100 stainless steel column and are condensed in an integrated vertical condenser. An additional high performance condenser made of borosilicate glass which is located on top of the column construction is required to condensate all remaining light boiling components.

All condensed product is being discharged by means of a tempered gear pump into the fraction collector, which provides 10 receivers of 1 L volume each. Full receivers can be replaced during operation. The discharge process is being performed independent from the current system pressure (atmospheric or vacuum) to avoid any manual discharge in between the different pressure conditions. The whole processing of the distillation can be visualized all the time by glass connecting  pieces made of borosilicate glass 3.3, a viewing window in the flask, condenser and glass intermediate discharge receiver, located between pump and column.

The distillation is performed in several pressure steps (atmospheric and vacuum) until a final atmospheric equivalent temperature (AET) of 600°C. During distillation residue samples can be automatically be discharged into another fraction collector for the residue via a vacuum tight gear pump. Once the final temperature is reached and distillation is finished the hot residue in the flask can be discharged as well from the bottom of the flask.

The PC-based PILODIST- process control system includes control of heating and vacuum as well as the display and storage of all important process values:

  • Temperature of heating bath (PT 100)
  • Temperature of product in flask (PT 100)
  • Temperature of vapor (PT 100)
  • Pressure of distillation (0-100Torr)

The atmospheric and equivalent temperature is calculated and visualized automatically.

To keep all products liquid during the whole process including discharge all lines are being tempered by a circulation thermostat. A second high performance circulation thermostat for the main top condenser with high cooling performance ensures condensation of all products.

The safety concept of the system includes a cold trap with a simple drain valve to protect the vacuum system. For automatic evaluation of the distillation and distillation curve all weights of sample, cuts and residue needs to be entered via laptop into the data station.

PILODIST GmbH – one of the german companies with utmost growth

We are proud to announce that PILODIST GmbH has been appointed by FOCUS in co-operation with STATISTA as one of the german companies with utmost growth.

We belong to the TOP 500 German growth champions and are listed in the ranking on position no.: 11 in the plant engineering and construction industry.

Thanks to all our clients and partners worldwide for this tremendous success we have enjoyed!


PILODIST GmbH zählt laut einer Erhebung von FOCUS in Kooperation mit STATISTA zu den am schnellsten wachsenden Unternehmen in Deutschland.

Unter den TOP 500 Wachstumschampions 2016 wurden wir auf Platz 11 in der Branche „Maschinen- und Anlagenbau“ gelistet.

Wir möchten uns bei allen Kunden und Vertriebspartnern, die zu diesem Erfolg beigetragen haben, recht herzlich bedanken.


Stellen als Chemieingenieur / Verfahrenstechniker

Wir suchen zur Verstärkung unseres Teams

Chemieingenieur   /  Verfahrenstechniker

in Vollzeitbeschäftigung.

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PILODIST® presents a new compact crude oil distillation system PETRODIST® 600 S

combining 3 different internationally accepted ASTM procedures in 1 single system:

  • ASTM D-2892
  • ASTM D-5236
  • ASTM D-1160

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Great collaboration success between Repsol – MTB – PILODIST® in new crude distillation plants

Over the past year, the Repsol Technology Centre (CTR) in Móstoles, Spain has participated in an intense distillation technical workshop in collaboration with PILODIST and MTB. Read More »

PILODIST 100 CC batch distillation system

Fully automatic universal batch distillation system for application in chemical industry.
PILODIST introduces a fully automatic and computer controlled universal distillation system for batch sizes from 2 to 20 L Read More »

NEW short path evaporator design SP 200

The increasing demand for molecular distillation for various applications results in a re-design of the PILODIST® standard short path evaporator SP 200 to offer more flexibility as far as the vacuum range is concerned Read More »

PILODIST is proud to announce co-operation with ASG Analytik Service Gesellschaft

ASG is a prestigious and worldwide accepted company for analytical services throughout all industries with an unmatched range of high profile & professional instruments Read More »

PILODIST presented at ACHEMA a new 2015 edition of PETRODIST 100 CC

A turn-key fully automatic computer controlled distillation system complying to ASTM D-2892 for the distillation of crude oil charges up to a temperature range of 400°C AET in 5 different distillation steps from debutanization, ATM and followed by 3 vacuum runs down to 2 Torr. Read More »

PILODIST exhibiting in ACHEMA 2015

This years´ ACHEMA has been a tremendous success for PILODIST. Thanks to all for your visit and interest in our products, it was a real pleasure to see you. Read More »