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Our Team


The origin of PILODIST is based on the formerly existing family business “FISCHER Labor- und Verfahrenstechjnik GmbH”, existing from 1962 to 1995. PILODIST  was founded in 1995 by ex employees of FISCHER as PILODIST, being the brand name for pilot plants for distillation which is the core business of the company.

Field of Activities

PILODIST  is a leading world-wide supplier for units and systems for thermal separation, which are:

  • distillation (rectification)
  • extraction
  • thin-film evaporation
  • solvent recycling
  • vapour-liquid phase equilibrium determination,

for research and development as well as for quality control for applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, flavour & fragrance industry as well as research & education in universities. The most important product lines are PETRODIST systems for laboratory

  • crude oil distillation according to ASTM standards and
  • continuous and discontinuously working pilot plants

for refineries and petrochemical research laboratories.


PILODIST is offering many  years of experience, knowledge and competence by a staff, that is almost completely recruited from the former worldwide known company “FISCHER Labor- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH”, founded by Mr. W.G.Fischer (see words of welcome), who is still giving his full support and experience to ensure PILODIST´s excellence and market leadership

Technical Solutions

We understand competence as our duty. PILODIST is offering a wide range of standard products and systems but is also capable to offer tailor-made solutions according to special requirements. The very long experience and the extended list of worldwide users in many different industries guarantees a continuous development of all products to the most actual state of the art technologies.


Quality and technical superiority is our uncompromising objective. Based on sourcing the very best sub suppliers for material and components PILODIST developes and manufactures all essential parts of the systems in the inhouse electronical, software, glassware and mechanical workshops. It is unique that PILODIST is one of the few companies in the world with an inhouse glass blowing shop, producing very sophisticated high class technical glassware, being the most important material in the production of laboratory distillation systems.

All products and systems are tested intensively prior to the shipment. PILODIST offers installations, test runs as well as operator training at customers site by experienced service and training engineers.

Worldwide distribution by sales partners

PILODIST has appointed distributors worldwide in many countries to be able to serve our customers in a very quick and professional manner. Our sales partners have been thoroughly trained in our german headquarter. This ensures not only a very fast response to all your needs but guarantees also a fast responding technical service at your site.

Customer Focus, Service and Spare Parts supply

Due to the worldwide location of PILODIST-systems the company provides on-site service at short notice whenever required by a well trained and experienced  service team for installation, trouble shooting or training. The service is available either from our german headquarter or provided by our global network of local sales partners and service stations.

Due to our in-house production, we can deliver spare parts at short notice – either from stock or as a build-to-order.

Worldwide references

We are very proud to count on many reputable customers around the world, who would be pleased to confirm the excellent technology workmanship and the competent and fast responding technical service. PILODIST will be happy to advise you on existing installations of our systems nearby your site.

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