In-house Glassblowing

In-house Glassblowing

Glassware as fundamental important component for correct operation of laboratory distillation systems


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All glassware is manufactured in our in-house glass blowing workshop by a team of highly skilled glassworkers. Being a fundamentally important component in correct operation of all laboratory distillation systems, we take great care in producing highest technical glassware to meet the exact specifications of each test method.

800x600_2017-04-27 PILODIST_DSF3388
800x600_2017-04-27 PILODIST_DSF3365 800x600_2017-04-27 PILODIST_DSF3382
800x600_2017-04-27 PILODIST_DSF3409 800x600_2017-04-27 PILODIST_DSF3400 800x600_2017-04-27 PILODIST_DSF3428

All glass products are produced from borosilicate glass which is resistant to high temperatures and the most suitable raw material for our systems. That’s why PILODIST® glassware has a worldwide reputation for top quality and conformity to test specifications.

By the way, visiting our glass workshop is an experience which visitors to our company greatly enjoy!