PILODIST introduces new generation of semi-automatic TBP (ASTM D-2892) crude oil distillation systems

PETRODIST 100 S series are well established and successfully operating in many customers sites worldwide. PILODIST now presents a  new generation of PD 100 S Read More »

PILODIST at Expoquimia

Expoquimia has been very successful in 2014. Together with our partner mtb PILODIST exhibited a multipurpose and flexible distillation system PILODIST 104 with our famous “concentric tube column” (CTC) as a solution for distillation of difficult separation problems Read More »

PILODIST at »World of Technology & Science«

PILODIST has displayed successfully PETRODIST 100 S crude oil distillation system with a new type of fraction collector at the booth of our partner OPTIMUS instruments on the occasion of the exhibition World of Technology & Science in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Read More »

Customized fully automatic distillation system PETRODIST 100 CC-S

PILODIST engineering team has manufactured a customized crude oil distillation system which is basically designed to meet ASTM D-2892 with some additional features to meet customers special requirements for research & development. Read More »

Most advanced PETRODIST crude oil distillation systems for PDVSA Venezuela

PILODIST is proud to announce that several most modern and advanced PETRODIST crude oil distillation systems according to various ASTM standards have been delivered to one of the most important and worldwide known petroleum companies Read More »


PILODIST introduces a customized and computer controlled continuous distillation system for complex mixtures of organic compounds.

The system has been designed by PILODIST engineering team Read More »

New PILODIST® Maxwell-Bonnell-Calculator

Use our Maxwell-Bonnel-Calculator to convert actual temperatures (ACT) into atmospheric equivalent temperatures (AET) and the other way around.
The Maxwell-Bonnell-Calculator is ready for download. Read More »


PETRODIST® 300 CC-F PETRODIST-300-CC-F-floor-stand-system

In addition to the proven bench scale system PILODIST is now offering a new generation of PETRODIST 300 CC-F as a floor stand system. Read More »

New generation of ASTM D-1160  PETRODIST® 300 CC offering new features


PILODIST® is offering some new additional features of its fully automatic processor controlled ASTM D-1160 system for the determination of boiling ranges of crude oil products under vacuum. Read More »

New generation of Combination system for ASTM D-2892 & D-5236

PILODIST® introduces a new generation of combined automatic crude oil distillation system PETRODIST® 400 A. This system combines two methods for crude oil distillation (ASTM D-2892 / D-5236) Read More »

BCEIA (Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis) October, 2013 Beijing, China

pilodist-distillation-systems-ananlysis-china-150x150PILODIST proudly announces participation on the 15th BCEIA exhibition together with our chinese partner company Tegent. Read More »

New PILODIST facilities for assembly, FAT & training

A new workshop for the complete assembly and training of PETRODIST distillation systems has just been inaugurated on the occasion of our recent product training programme for our worldwide distributors. Read More »