Made in Germany – laboratory and process technology

PILODIST® laboratory and process technology is used worldwide by renowned companies – in german pharmaceutical laboratories, spanish flavour and fragrance research labs as well as in Chinese refineries or in the oil fields on the Persian Gulf. In the companys´ headquarters in Bonn/Germany we produce tailor-made systems, which are marketed by a world-wide network of distributors and agents, providing also service at site.

Our employees are recognized specialists in our industry with many years of experience, trend-setting ideas and a huge technical knowledge. In terms of know-how, PILODIST ® is thus one of the most efficient suppliers in the world.

Our range of satisfied customers include production-/research laboratories in the following industries:

  • pharmaceutical
  • flavour and fragrance
  • refinery research and quality controil
  • petrochemical
  • biological
  • chemical
  • chemical engineering institutes.

PILODIST ® – products does include prompt spare parts supply as well as a dedicated service at your site.