PILODIST is proud to announce co-operation with ASG Analytik Service Gesellschaft

ASG is a prestigious and worldwide accepted company for analytical services throughout all industries with an unmatched range of high profile & professional instruments for

  • Services covering fossil fuels and biogenic fuels
  • Services concerning recycling materials for thermal combustion
  • Services for the chemical industry

Due to a long term experience and knowledge on various fields of analytic ASG in combination with PILODIST will be offering an interesting range of seminars shortly. These seminars will be held in the seminar centre of ASG in the beautiful landscape of Augsburg/Munich) including practical training on fully automatic PETRODIST systems (100 CC, 200 CC, 300 CC-F) as well as PILODIST 104. Watch out for the seminar programme to follow shortly.

Following is a brief history and scope of services as offered by ASG:

Services covering fossil fuels and biogenic fuels

  • Analysis of fuels made from renewable resources (e.g. Biodiesel, Vegetable oil, BTL fuels, HVO)
  • Analysis of fossil fuels (Diesel, Gasoline, GTL/CTL Fuels)
  • Analysis of special fuels (Synfuel, Methanol, Bioethanol, Pyrolysis oils)
  • Analysis and Distillation of Crude Oil
  • Determination of safety-related characteristics of fuels
  • Analysis of petrochemical mixtures
  • Production of test fuels including certificate (1 l drum up to 1000 l IBC)
  • Analysis of crude raw materials and by-products of the biodiesel industry
  • Support in scaling up biodiesel production units

Services concerning recycling materials for thermal combustion

  •     Analytics of solid recovered fuels
  •     Analysis of wood chips, pellets and briquettes

Services for the chemical industry

  •     Determination of physical-chemical parameters
  •     Determination of safety relevant parameters
  •     Analysis for the assessment of dangerous goods
  •     Determination of parameters for REACH registration

ASG history

01/1992  ASG was established at Pöttmes/Echsheim in Bavaria

10/1993  Move to Neusaess / Augsburg

06/1998  Accreditation at DASMIN (German accreditation body for
mineral oils)

01/1999  Our affiliated company DWS Dr. Wilharm Synthesetechnik was

01/2000  Relocation to larger premises in Augsburg