Great collaboration success between Repsol – MTB – PILODIST® in new crude distillation plants

Over the past year, the Repsol Technology Centre (CTR) in Móstoles, Spain has participated in an intense distillation technical workshop in collaboration with PILODIST and MTB. It was a challenging process, where Repsol technicians shared their experience and knowledge with the PILODIST engineering team, generating synergies between the three companies involved.
This technical collaboration has resulted in the development of the new PETRODIST 2015 generation crude distillation plants, achieving better results, higher degree of automation and robustness in the process, even more user friedliness, further improvements in the area of security and cutting-edge technology adapted to the current needs of oil sectors worldwide.

Pilodist_15-07-2015_12335_100CCProof of this success has been the next acquisition by Repsol CTR of two more units of PETRODIST series to complete the existing range of PETRODIST systems following increasing quality control and research work.
PILODIST is very proud of this very successful collaboration with Repsol and likes to thank all involved Repsol and MTB team for all their contributions and dedication to further improve our distillation systems.