PILODIST® 100 CC with dehydration system

Redesigned PETRODIST 100 CC working in strict accordance with ASTM D-2892. The system provides a 20 L stainless steel flask and is equipped with an integrated water removal system (dehydration). This option removes water from wet crude samples.

Pilodist crude oil distillation with dehydration systemThe dehydration system is designed as an add on equipment from our PETRODIST 100 series distillation systems. The crude oil charge is heated up until a preselected temperature.

The water is collected in a phase separator. The gas phase is collected in a gas trap positioned behind the main condenser.

The system will start the cooling process automatically according to the preselected final temperature. The dehydration is also available as a standalone system.
The system displayed provides also gas detector, H2S – detector as well as an integrated Fire extinguisher.