Customized fully automatic distillation system PETRODIST 100 CC-S

PILODIST engineering team has manufactured a customized crude oil distillation system which is basically designed to meet ASTM D-2892 with some additional features to meet customers special requirements for research & development.
Pilodist19-09-14_9131The system has a 20 L stainless steel boiling flask with an extremely high heating power provided by a special electrical flask heater and a corresponding flask insulation for the upper half of the flask. In deviation of ASTM the column separation efficiency exceeds the required 15 theoretical plates by far. As a result a much higher condenser capacity was required and hence a special design of main condenser is realized by providing two main condensers in parallel with a total condenser surface of 1 m2  .

A limited available on-site height in the customers laboratory was considered by a special design of the electrical flask lifting system.

Other standard features of the system include online weight measurement as well as automatic volume detection as well as a comprehensive report of all distillation data and results including corresponding distillation curves in weight-% as well as volume-%.

For further information please contact info@pilodist.de