Universal Multipurpose High Efficient Distillation System
This re-designed and new distillation system is equipped by standard with 2 different distillation columns, which can easily be changed to fit for different distillation requirements.
The following glass distillation columns are used (different column packing available):


  • Concentric tube column with the following characteristics
    • extremely low pressure drop
    • highest separation efficiency of up to 90 theoretical plates (depending on load)
    • minimum hold-up
    • all-glass construction
    • static design (no rotating parts inside the column)
    • low distillation rate of approx. 3…6 mL/min.

  • Packed colum with wire gauze trickling packing and following characteristics
    • distillation rate 10…30 mL/min.
    • high separation efficiency up to 30 theor. Plates
    • low pressure drop
    • wire mesh packing stainless steel (1.4571/AISI 316Ti)

PILODIST_27-11-14_10_105The modular design enables to use different flask sizes from 1….20 L flask size in the same system with easy and quick connectors for the exchange of the electrical heating baths.
Alternatively an oil bath heating can be delivered for use of different flask sizes.
The new automatic  fraction collector type is also designed to be able to use different receiver sizes in correlation with the flask size and provides a capacitive sensor to avoid the
overfilling of a receiver in case the cut is larger as the receiver volume.
The turn key system is supplied with a most modern DCD controller as well as a laptop.
For more information please contact info@pilodist.de