PETRODIST® 300 CC-F PETRODIST-300-CC-F-floor-stand-system

In addition to the proven bench scale system PILODIST is now offering a new generation of PETRODIST 300 CC-F as a floor stand system.

PETRODIST 300 CC-F can either operate exactly according to the ASTM standard D-1160 or for further research work by using a fraction collector in a heated collector chamber.

Due to the height of the system PILODIST engineers have redesigned it and it is now additionally available as a floor stand system

For the application of atmospheric or biodiesel distillation as well as dehydration process prior to distillation a cooling thermostat can be delivered with the system.

PETRODIST 300 CC-F can also be delivered with a complete sheathing in polycarbonate with a splitted front door as well as with an automatic fire extinguishing system.