Most advanced PETRODIST crude oil distillation systems for PDVSA Venezuela

PILODIST is proud to announce that several most modern and advanced PETRODIST crude oil distillation systems according to various ASTM standards have been delivered to one of the most important and worldwide known petroleum companies, Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA).

The systems will operate in a huge and most modern laboratory complex in Amuay, one of the worlds biggest refinery and petroleum processing complex not only in South America but in the world.
PILODIST has been chosen by PDVSA after a very thorough investigation and market research of available systems from various suppliers. This project has been by far the biggest single project in South America of its kind and PDVSA belongs with this equipment to one of the worlds largest and most advanced crude oil evaluation labs.
The distillation systems of the new generation of PETRODIST series are representing the latest state of technology and include

  • PETRODIST 100 CC, fully complying to ASTM D-2892
  • PETRODIST 200 CC, fully complying to ASTM D-5236
  • PETRODIST 400 CC, fully complying to ASTM D-2892 and D-5236
  • PETRODIST 300 CC-F, fully complying to ASTM D-1160 with extended features

All of these systems are to be operated in fully automatic mode and the different distillation stages under different pressure steps are performed fully automatically by an advanced process control with a fully automatic evaluation and report on the completed analysis. The delivered technology includes additional high tech features like dehydration capability, detection of gases during distillation process and well as additional safety features to ensure trouble-free fully automatic operation even in overnight condition. The weight as well as the volume of each fraction are being automatically measured and the density is calculated accordingly.These most advanced systems will be used for research, analysis and quality control of various crude oils being produced by PDVSA.
This project represents one of the very biggest single projects which has ever been performed by PILODIST and is a major reference and step for PILODIST to become a preferred supplier of Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. for laboratory distillation systems.
Besides PDVSA as one of the most important customers of PILODIST, we are proud also to advise that PETRODIST crude oil distillation systems are also successfully used by worldwide operating refineries like Ecopetrol, Pemex, BP, Total, Petronas, Sinopec, Pertamina, Sasol, Indian, Oil Corporation, Lukoil and many other service and research institutions wordwide. All of the systems are being installed by a team of very dedicated and competent PILODIST engineers and the after sales service is being provided by PILODIST local partner companies.
PILODIST has been founded in the early 90ies and produces most advanced fully automatic crude oil distillation systems as well as distillation, extraction and thin-film distillation systems for other industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, flavor & fragrance as well as other research and educational facilities in industry and universities. All systems are completely produced inhouse including workshops for the production of all glass components, electronics, mechanics, as well as operation and evaluation software. Besides standard systems designed to meet ASTM procedures the PILODIST engineering team is also able to design customized systems as per customers special requirements. The team of PILODIST consists of a number of highly experienced engineers who provide a huge amount of long term experience and dedication to the industry.