PILODIST at Expoquimia

Expoquimia has been very successful in 2014. Together with our partner mtb PILODIST exhibited a multipurpose and flexible distillation system PILODIST 104 with our famous “concentric tube column” (CTC) as a solution for distillation of difficult separation problems of temperature sensitive substances and for the production of pure substances, aromatic components of high molecular weights as well as fatty acids, products with narrow boiling points.

The concentric tube column offers various advantages like

  • Very high separation efficiency
  • Extremely low pressure drop
  • Mimimal hold-up
  • All-glass construction
  • Static design without any rotating parts inside the column.
Los mejores especialistas de PILODIST en España
Los mejores especialistas de PILODIST en España

The basic system PILODIST 104 is equipped with an oilbath heating to use different flask sizes as well as an automatic fraction collector.

Electrical flask heating is available for higher temperatures up to 350°C.

For further information please contact info@pilodist.de or in Spain inform@mtb.es