Re-Design of PILODIST® VLE 100 Vapour-Liquid-Equilibrium Apparatus     

The system has  been  manufactured for many years and sold to many research labs and universities worldwide. It has proven to be a reliable and well performing system.
However in strong co-operation with one of our German customers we have been able to redesign and optimize the performance of the system as a result of many operations with different components. The reason was that with some very special products we had observed some boiling retardations. To avoid this we have redesigned the system to work with a mixing chamber, which is now being heated by an electrical heater from below, allowing to reach operation temperatures of up to 300 °C.

As a result we can confirm that with products which tend to have boiling retardations an equilibrium can be established even better. The liquid in the mixing chamber is being stirred by means of a magnetic stirrer inside the mixing chamber, whose stirring speed is controlled by an adjustable stirrer drive. Thus the vapour bubbling is highly eliminated to ensure operation under stable conditions.
Several options like vacuum accessories, overpressure accessories (up to 3 bar absolute) as well as heating tape for waxy products are available and can complete and upgrade existing systems.