Successful upgrade of old FISCHER AUTODEST 800 AC

PILODIST® has recently upgraded an existing 20 year old ASTM D-2892 crude oil system at PETRONAS refinery in Melakka, Malaysia. The system has been upgraded at site by 2 experienced PILODIST engineers by integrating new major components like a new fraction collector, a complete new electronic control system as well as the latest PILODIST software upgrade including new PC hardware.
The system has also been further completed by a new PILODIST dehydration system, that has been adapted to the system and which is eliminating water contents of crude oils before the distillation process is startet.
Some existing system components like the distillation column as well as other glassware, including heating system as well as other system components, have been carefully checked and successfully integrated into the new system.

As a result the upgraded system represents again latest status of technology and together with a new delivered fully automatic Potstill (ASTM D-2892) distillation system PETRODIST 200 CC Petronas is able to continue to analyze crude oils up to temperatures of AET 650°C effectively including a combined distillation curves for both ASTM – standards.
During recent years PILODIST has managed to successfully upgrade existing AUTODEST ASTM distillation systems.