PILOEX SL 5solid-liquid extractor

For application in universities, technical colleges for training students.

The solvent circulates between extraction vessel, evaporator and condenser. The solid matter in the extraction vessel is continuously rinsed with purified solvent until all solubles are leached out of the solid matter.

The solvent, which is charged with the extract, flows from the extraction vessel into the evaporator, where the extract will be collected and concentrated. After terminating the leaching process, a further purification of the extract by evaporation is possible.

The system is designed for batch (discontinuous) operation but can also be operated semi-continuously.

The standard system can be operated either for vacuum operation or overpressure operation as well. The system can be designed either in glass, stainless steel or other material, depending on the application.

The following modes of operation can alternatively be carried out :

  • extraction with continuous flow of solvent
  • extraction by periodic flooding of the extraction vessel and subsequent draining through siphon action (Soxhlet principle)
  • extraction witrh cold solvent
  • extraction with hot solvent

Technical Data