PILODIST introduces a new QUICKDIST 500 CC as an ultra-fast distillation system or the fully automatic fractionation of stabilized hydrocarbon products.


Specially developed for the separation of hydrocracked or catalyst product samples into their different cuts (for example: Naphtha, Kerosene, Diesel). The unmatched timeframe of less than three hours is achieved in a fully automatic process through different pressure stages similar to ASTM-D2892.

The system is equipped with a distillation column packed with high efficient SULZER EX packing to ensure a proper efficiency also under high throughput conditions. The fully automatic discharge system is optimized with minimum hold-up for a closed mass-balance also with small charges.

The whole process is performed fully automatically (in PILODIST CC-version) from start to the final cut and can operate through 4 pressure stages down to 1 mmHg (Torr) absolute pressure without any user intervention. A quench coil and a special thermostat system reduces the intermediate cooling phases and in combination with a fast heat-up process the runtimes can be reduced to an unique minimum.

Key facts:
– Operation temperature (flask): max. 350°C
– Final Cut point (AET): max. 420°C
– Operation pressure: ATM – 1 Torr abs.
– Column efficiency: up to 30 theoretical plates
– Flask Sizes: 500ml, 1 L, 2 L
– Charge: up to 60% of flask volume
– Receiver size: 20x 100ml