New Bitumen-Oxidation System for the treatment of bitumen by Oxygen

The system is designed for a charge volume of 1 – 2 L. The bitumen is being heated up to 300 °C in a stainless steel (1.4571) vessel and treated isothermally with compressed air. The compressed air is being injected by a nozzle tube with a pre-defined flow rate while the bitumen is intensively stirred in the vessel by a mechanical high performance stirrer.

The operation is being performed under atmospheric pressure and the exhaust air is passing through an expansion tank with discharge valve to collect entrainment products. The O2-saturation of the exhaust air is permanently controlled and displayed.

Sample collection can be done very user friendly via the control system by a tempered discharge pump to realize a very exact dosage with minimal dead volume. The complete oxidation vessel is mounted on a lifting platform with a sliding tray which can be removed to the front for easy and safe handling. This improves the accessibility of all relevant parts for service as well as to charge the product sample and cleaning agent.

Nitrogen can be charged at the end of the treatment process to stop the oxidation process.
No additional tools are required to operate the system.