FilmDist SP 200 Customized

Universal lab-scale apparatus for short-path evaporation.

Rotary thin-film evaporator with thermostat mantle and internal condenser for continuous shortpath distillation or gentle concentration of thermally sensible products.

Suited for laboratory or pilot operation.

The pilot operation data and experimental values can be transferred to bigger systems.

The standard system uses glass wiper elements. Other wiper elements are available.

Mobile table to accommodate system and accessories can be ordered optionally.

Technical Data

flask-3 Feed range 50 – 1000 ml / h
evaporator Evaporator material borosilicate glass
evaporator Feed-vessel 250 ml
evaporator Product receivers 250 ml
evaporator Evaporator surface 200 cm2, short path
temperatur Operating temperature max. 250°C
pressure Operating pressure 0.001 – 1000 mbar
stromversorgung Mains Supply 208 – 250 V, 50 Hz (60 Hz upon request)