PILODIST 104 Versatile distillation system

Pilodist-104-30-05-2012_09Versatile distillation system with high separation efficiency.

The system is supplied with 2 different column types (DN 25), a concentric-tube-column and a wire gauze trickling column, which can alternatively be applied according to requirements.

Gentle distillation by temperature controlled oil bath with product circulation. Operation range from ATM down to vacuum.

This distillation system can be operated by using a single final receiver or alternatively by using a spider type automatic fraction collector with 6 receivers of 1 L volume each.

Equipped with processor based distillation control device DCD4001 with heating control for oil bath and heating mantle, automatic reflux control, vacuum control, fraction collector control as well as safety devices.


Suitable for solving difficult separation problems and for the production of pure substances, aromatic compounds of high molecular weight, fatty acids etc..