PETRODIST 300 CC – F fully autom. crude oil distillation

PETRODIST 300 CC - F fully automatic crude oil distillation

Fully automatic crude oil distillation system, processor controlled according to ASTM D-1160 but with automatic fraction collector for the determination of boiling ranges of crude oil products under vacuum. The system can be operated in strict accordance to the ASTM procedure with 1 single receiver or alternatively, by using the automatic fraction collector, with 4 receivers.

Key features of PETRODIST® 300 CC-F

  • parameter input, display as well as calculation of distillation and final data and print out of the distillation curve via PC
  • easy operation due to userfriendly software, operated under WINDOWS XP
  • sophisticated safety system
  • automatic heating and distillation rate as well as detection of initial boiling point (ibp)
  • individual distillation reports and curves can be re-called any time
  • precise distillation data due to automatic calibration of volume measuring system
  • anti foaming by foam breaker
  • precise vacuum control
  • automatic washing run
  • calculation of charge according to receiver temperature and charge density
  • easy installation effort as the system is delivered ready for operation
  • manual override of automatic operation
  • automatic controlled termination of distillation process and start of cooling
  • automatic fraction collector with 4 receivers

The distillation is fully automatic from the initial boiling point to the pre-selected end boiling point or detected break-off. The criteria for break-off are:

  • the pre-selected final AET (atmospheric equivalent temperature) is reached
  • the maximum bath temperature is reached
  • the maximum flask temperature is reached
  • the pre-selected distillate volume is reached
  • the flask insert cracks
  • the distillate pressure drops
  • product lack in the flask

The distillation volume is measured automatically in receivers, temperature controlled by an IR-heater. The yield is calculated in percentage to the charge quantity. Distillation report, final data and distillation curve are printed out.

Technical Data

flask-size Available flask sizes 500 mL
flask Flask charge 200 mL
temperatur Operating temperature Up to 400° C
temperatur Final cut temperature up to 600° C AET
temperatur Max ambient temperature 25° – 30° C
measurement Fraction collector 4 calibrated receivers, 200 mL each
pressure Operating pressure vacuum down to 0,1 Torr
stromversorgung Mains supply 3 x 208 – 250 V, 50 Hz (60 Hz upon request)
dimensions Dimensions (w x h x d) 0.65 x 0.65 x 1,41 m