Continuously working distillation system

This system, having been designed by PILODIST engineers, is for universal operation under atmospheric or optionally under vacuum conditions.

The customized system consists of 3 distillation columns in the size of DN 50 with silvered high-vacuum mantle, packed with high efficient wire-mesh to ensure a high separation efficiency. The system can alternatively also be equipped with different column packing material depending on application.

As a safety feature the circulation evaporator is equipped with a dry-up rotection. The individual and fully-automatic PILODIST – control system provides an automatic control of the temperature of the column heating mantles depending on the head temperature or the column-middle-temperature respectively to ensure a fully-adiabatically operation.

The high efficient condenser, made of glass, detects optionally the temperature of the cooling water at the point of entering and leaving the condenser. A continuous measurement and control of the differential pressure between head and bottom of the system can be realized for the detection and control of the column load.

The very user friendly PILODIST process control system (IP65) can be remotely controlled and includes a visualized user interface.