PILODIST 254 Crude oil pilot plant

Crude oil pilot plant for studying purposes or for simulation of the operation conditions in industrial-scale crude oil refineries or low-scale production plant.

Distillation system with 5 bubble cap tray columns DN 100 with 10 plates as main column and max. 3 side columns (option) DN 50 with 5 plates each.

Continuous operation, separation into boiling cuts by taking off the top product, max. 3 side products and the residue from the reboiler.

Fully automatic operation due to freely programmable control. Reduction of the boiling point by stripping with superheated, unsaturated steam at atmospheric conditions or under vacuum.

At every second plate sample take-off nozzles and temperature sensors are installed for determination and recording of concentration- and temperature profiles. Mass- and energy balances can be obtained by computer station with print-out of the distillation report by a printer.

The system will be supplied together with a mounting frame and all necessary accessories. The installation requires a suitable hall with platforms and stairs as well as nitrogen, water and electricity.