VLE 110 Vapour-Liquid-Equlibrium


PILODIST has successfully redesigned and upgraded in co-operation with famous research institutes our VLE system and introduces the new 2015 version as VLE 110.

The vapour-liquid phase equilibria of mixtures with two or more components are an essential basis for the determination of the required number of theoretical separation stages and other distillation conditions.

The model VLE 110 is designed for operation under atmospheric, vacuum or at overpressure up to 3 bars absolute with a charge volume of approx. 80 ml and temperatures of up to 250°C.

A special electrical immersion heater, made of quartz-sand material is located in the central bottom part of the glass apparatus effecting evaporation. The reflux circulation streams are intensely stirred in a mixing chamber which ensures a quick adjustment of the equilibrium. Sample take-off of both phases (liquid and vapour) can be realized either by an automatically controlled valve plungers via solenoid valves or can alternatively be taken from the circulation streams via a gas-tight syringe which is also part of the delivery. An additional sampling port offers the possibility to take gaseous samples of the vapour phase which is a special advantage for mixtures with miscibility gaps.

The system is delivered with a micro processor based control device for precise and reliable work.


Determination of vapour-liquid-equilibria for calculation of required separation efficiency.

Technical Data

temperatur Operating temperature 250° C
temperatur Measurement ATM / vacuum 1000-1,0 Bar / overpreasure up to max. 3000 mbar abs.
pressure Operating pressure 3000 – 1.0 mbar
stromversorgung Mains supply 230 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
dimensions Dimensions (w x h x d) 1,00 x 0,90x 0,50m