PILODIST 107 Recovery Unit


Solvent Recovery Unit with Concentric-Tube-Column.

PILODIST 107 is an easy to handele solvent recovery system for extremely pure solvents.

The solvent mixtures are side products of extraction’s, washing processes, chemical and biochemical reactions, chromatographic operations in clinical range, especially in anatomical and pathological institutes.

The system can alternatively be equipped with 3 different types of distillation columns with the following characteristics:

1. Concentric-tube-column, using no packing

    • low distillation rate of approx. 3…6 mL/min.
    • highest separation efficiency of up to 60 theor. Plates
    • very low pressure drop
    • all-glass static distillation clumn without any packing

2. Glass distillation column packed with wire mesh packing DN 25

    • distillation rate 10…30 mL/min.
    • high separation efficiency up to 30 theor. Plates
    • low pressure drop
    • wire mesh packing stainless steel (1.4571/AISI 316Ti)

3. Glass distillation column packed with Raschig rings

    • distillation rate 10…30 mL/min.
    • separation efficiency up to 15 theor. Plates
    • mid pressure drop
    • all glass column with glass Raschig rings
    • see additional accessories in option 1


Decisive arguments for the selection of the distillation column:

    • charge volume
    • duration of distillation
    • type of solvent