k-1. Maxwell Bonnel 2016

PILODIST Maxwell-Bonnell-Calculator with new feature


PILODIST 250 – Distillation system for continuous and discontinuous (batch) operation


PETRODIST 200 HV – crude oil distillation system for automatic operation following ASTM D-5236



PILODIST® is a leading world-wide supplier for units and systems for thermal separation, which is distillation (rectification), extraction, thin-film evaporation, absorption / desorption, chemical reaction, solvent recycling and vapour-liquid phase equilibrium determination for research and development as well as quality control for various applications.

Important products are laboratories for crude oil distillation acc. to ASTM standards for refineries and petrochemical research laboratories. The product range is completed by laboratory sized ozone generators and analyzers and a curie point pyrolysis for gc/ms-application.

PILODIST® offers a long-established and extensive experience, supported by technical know-how and competence which originates from the world renowned company, founded by Mr. W.G.Fischer. Today the Fischer family continues to support PILODIST giving the company a position of unrivalled excellence.

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Image film of BP Refinery Gelsenkirchen/Germany »
showing PETRODIST® systems as a reference for quality, control and research
(Petrodist® sequence starting at 2:54 min.)
Images BP PETRODIST® systems