PILODIST TF 100 Thin-Film Distillation System

Thin film distillation system for laboratory use.

The distillation system has a liquid-tempered evaporator made of borosilicate glass with an integrated condenser and temperature-controlled inlet and outlet.

The system includes all peripheral parts necessary for operation, such as the stirrer drive, vacuum system, control device and an aluminum assembly frame.

The version shown here is optimized for the handling of small sample quantities of aggressive substances in the range of 20-100ml.

To increase the resistance to aggressive products, the O-rings in FEP / PTFE / FFKM design are used and existing metal parts are refined with a hardcoat / ceramic coating.


Technical Data

glass Material borosilicate glass 3.3
evaporator Evaporator area approx. 100 cm2
temperatur Operating temperature up to 150°C
pressure Operating pressure ATM, 100… 0.1 Torr (other ranges on request)
throughput Feed template 100ml, tempered
throughput Residue deposit 100ml, temperature-controlled feed
throughput Distillate supply 100ml
stromversorgung Mains Supply 230 / 400V 16A 50Hz
dimensions Dimensions (w x h x d) approx. 1.00 x 2.10 x 0.56 m