TF 1000 RC Wiped film distillation

Thin film rectification system for thermally sensitive materialsTF 1000 RC

The heart of the TF 1000 RC is its double walled glass thin film evaporator, heated by thermal oil. Product is continuously fed in and distributed on the inner walls by PTFE wipers where the evaporation occurs. This technique of distillation allows very short residence times of the product on the hot parts of the still. Additional application of vacuum lowers the boiling points of products, thereby reducing thermal load. The result is a very gentle distillation with minimal thermal stress – ideal for delicate products like botanical extracts or fragrances.

Our latest development is the addition of a rectification column to the thin film evaporator, which drastically improves the separation efficiency. In effect, the TF 1000 RC can be utilized in a much wider field of applications than a conventional thin film evaporator, as its performance can be adjusted over a wide range to fit each individual separation task.

Common applications for the TF 1000 RC are:

  • Botanical extracts and products
  • Fragrances
  • Solvent recovery
  • Complex and reactive molecules, e.g. monomers, pre-polymers
  • R&D tasks

The unit comes with a software to precisely control parameters like temperatures, reflux ratio and feed rate. This ensures high reproducibility even for challenging products.

Technical Data

evaporator Materials of contact borosilicate glass 3.3, SS316, PTFE, FKM, FFKM (option)
evaporator Charge quantitiy 5 L feed vessel, refillable during operation; pump system
temperatur Operating temperature Max. 200°C (up to 300°C optional)
pressure Operating pressure ATM … 1 Torr
Evaporator surface area 1000 cm² (1500 cm² optional)
Column lenght DN50, 550 mm, wire mesh packing (other configurations upon request)
Throughput Up to 5 L/h
Dimensions (w x h x d) approx. (w)2.50 x (h)3.90 x (d)0.8 m