PD 250 GD continuous rectification system

Distillation system for continuous operation

PD 250 GDThe PD 250 GD is our most recent advancement in continuous distillation technology. Whenever it comes to lab- and pilot-scale simulation of large-scale thermal separation processes with a consistent feed composition, continuous distillation is the optimal process to consider. It is also an excellent choice for research and teaching duties.

Featuring a patented double-walled hybrid glass-stainless-steel reboiler, the PD 250 GD combines the durability of metal with the clarity of glass, allowing for clear process visibility. Further benefits include reduced thermal losses through the self-evacuating capability of the double-layer construction, as well as increased safety in the event of a leak.

The pre-heater can bring the product feed to near boiling temperature, and it can be introduced into the still at different locations. An optional automated smart level control maintains the reboiler at an optimal filling level, maximizing the evaporation surface and ensuring the stability of the distillation process regardless of the reflux ratio.

Distillation can be performed under atmospheric pressure or vacuum. To enable continuous product discharge under vacuum, the unit can be equipped with vacuum-tight gear pumps.

All process parameters are controlled via an IP65 touch screen HMI and a dedicated software.

The unit can be fully customized and equipped with a variety of options to meet individual requirements.

Technical Data

evaporator Materials of contact borosilicate glass 3.3, SS316, PTFE, FKM, FFKM (option)
evaporator Reboiler volume 3.5 L or 5.5 L
evaporator Reboiler power 3 kW or 4 kW (depending on reboiler size)
temperatur Operating temperature Max. 200°C (up to 300°C optional)
pressure Operating pressure ATM … 1 Torr
Column diameter DN50 / DN60 / DN80
Throughput Up to 6 L/h
Dimensions (w x h x d) approx. (w)2.50 x (h)3.90 x (d)0.8 m