PILODIST 104 HC – 200 L



New high capacity version of our most popular PILODIST 104 HC fractional distillation system series.

The setup includes a 200 L stainless steel flask with a powerful 12kVA electrical flask heater as well as a stirring gear to allow intensive mixing of the flask content for smooth evaporation. A distillation column with 1000 mm separation length and silvered high-vacuum mantle is packed with a DN 100 SULZER EX structured packing to allow a high throughput with an excellent separation efficiency.

The system is equipped with all required accessories for vacuum operation and the complete assembly is mounted in an aluminum rack with front doors in polycarbonate.

All distillation parameters like temperatures, reflux control and fraction-collector can be controlled by the special PILODIST 104 HC software in combination with our sophisticated touch-screen control system including several automation and safety features.

The displayed customized system is used for the distillation of eucalyptus extract to achieve pure fractions of several botanical terpenes, like α-pinene, limonene and cineol.