Fully-automatic high-temperature analysis system

New development from PILODIST for the distillation of high boiling and highly viscous products
with melting points up to 250°C (similar to ASTM D1160)


Fully-automatic distillation system with a process similar to ASTM D1160 with an extended temperature range for the determination of boiling ranges of crude oils and other hydrocarbons under atmospheric or vacuum conditions.

The system is equipped with a completely heated distillation line, to be tempered up to 250°C. It includes also a processor controlled high temperature heating chamber with an automatic optical fiber volume follower system to ensure that products with melting points of up to 250°C can be collected into the final receiver without any cristallization. As a result complete boiling curves from initial boiling point (IBP) up to the end boiling point (EBP) can be produced. The process can be realized in different pressure steps for the analysis of products with a wide boiling range.

The high temperature resistant stainless steel column (AISI 316Ti) enables head temperatures of up to 400°C under atmospheric conditions (depending on product). Temperatures of up to 650°C AET can be achieved under vacuum operation.

The heating is performed by an electrical high-temperature heating bath with quartz-glass isolation and a 500 ml stainless steel flask. By using a highly dynamic tempering system for the condenser circulation very fast cooling or heating rates can be achieved so that distillation and cleaning runs can follow in short sequences.

Advantages of PETRODIST 300 CC-HT

  • parameter input, display as well as calculation of distillation & final data and print out of the distillation curve via PILODIST IP65 user interface with 15,6” touch screen and printer
  • easy operation due to user-friendly software, operated under WINDOWS
  • distillation can be performed under up to 4 pressure steps
  • slow evacuation control to avoid foaming
  • dynamic vakuum reduction down to 0,1Torr abs. for max. yields
  • high performance cold trap with graduated condensate trap
  • distillation reports and curves can ever be re-called
  • precise vacuum control
  • automatic washing run
  • Calculation of charge according to receiver temperature and charge density
  • Fully-automatic control and supervised distillation processs
  • Additional up to 20 flexible selection of analysis yield points in addition to the values for evaluation requested by ASTM (5%, 10%, 20% 30%…)
  • In addition to the volume point setting PD300CC offers additionally 5 temperature points to be set for volume determination per each pressure stage
  • network connectivity
  • distillation results are available in the following formats for LIMS systems:
    • PDF
    • XLS
    • TXT
    • CSV