PETRODIST 300 M manual boiling analysis

Manual boiling analysis system according to ASTM D-1160.
The charge, depending on the distillate receiver temperature, has to be filled in the flask.
The distillation is performed from the Initial Boiling Point (IBP) to the End Boiling Point (EBP) by the operator. The criteria for a distillation end are:

  • the EBP in AET-temperature is exceeded
  • the distillate volume is exceeded
  • the maximum limits of heating bath temperature or flask temperature are exceeded (automatic control)
  • product cracking in the flask
  • vacuum loss (automatic control)

The distillate volume is measured by the operator in a temperature controlled receiver.

Technical Data

flask-size Flask sizes 500 mL
flask Charge quantity 200 mL
boiling Boiling range max. 600°C AET (depending on product)
temperatur Operating temperature max. 400°C
pressure Operating pressure 1 mmHg
stromversorgung Mains supply 208 – 250 V, 50 Hz (60 Hz upon request)
efficiency Power consumption approx. 3.5 kW
dimensions Dimensions (w x h x d) approx 0.65 x 0.96m x 0.64