PILODIST 104 HC – 35 L

discontinuous systemNew high capacity version of our most popular distillation series PILODIST 104 fractional distillation system

The system includes a 35 L stainless steel flask with a powerfull electrical flask heater as well as a stirring gear to allow intensive mixing of the flask content for smooth evaporation. A distillation column DN 80 with silvered high-vacuum mantle is by standard packed with wire mesh.

The system is equipped with all accessories for vacuum operation as well as a fraction collector consisting of 6 receivers of 10 L volume each. The complete assembly is mounted in a rack with aluminium housing with front doors in polycarbonate.

All distillation parameters like temperature, vacuum, reflux control and fraction collector can be controlled by the special PIDODIST 104 software in combination with our controller DCD 4001.

The displayed customized system is used for the fractionation of diesel cuts made from hydrogenated hydrocarbon mixtures. It includes high efficient SULZER packing DN 80 to allow a high throughput and achieving high separation efficiency as well as afire extinguishing system with an adapter to an onsite existing ventilation system.