Wiped-film evaporator for short-path and molecular distillation

This is our new flagship for short path and molecular distillation. The SP 1000 CC is a turnkey ready system for laboratory use and small scale production and is optimized to cover nearly all applications, from high melting to high boiling points and can handle thermal sensitive material, with full flexibility and complete continuous operation.

The molecular distillation also called high vacuum wiped film, thin film or short path distillation, is a well-known process to separate thermal sensitive material in a very thin film at a high vacuum and short distance to the condenser, which allows an unbeatable performance.

The SP 1000 CC is equipped with our unique and patented HYBRID-evaporator which combines all positive aspects of glass and stainless steel in one instrument. It is reliable and solid like stainless steel, but with the full visibility of a glass still.

Due to its complete heated inlet and outlet lines in combination with our tempered feed- and discharge pumps, melting points >150°C can be easily handled.

The sophisticated vacuum system is able to handle incondensable volatiles with its dry running chemical resistant scroll pump as well as the air cooled diffusion  pump can reach a system pressure down to 0.00001mbar.

Due to the fully vacuum tight feed and discharge system there is no limitation in the charge or receiver vessel size and the system can run up to 24/7 operation without any interruption in the vacuum process and a throughput up to 7l/h.


Special Advantages of SP 1000 CC:

  • Patented Hybrid Evaporator
      • Combines all the positive characteristics of glass and stainless steel
      • Full visibility of the process
      • Reliable and precise
      • Lowest tolerances in the market (no welding, no forming)
      • Easy cleaning
      • lowest maintenance & repair costs due to changeable glass-cylinders
      • complete heated inlet and outlet lines
      • Lowest hold up due to extreme compact design
  • High capacity glass condenser
      • Reliable and strong design
      • Easy removable for cleaning
      • Full visibility
      • Complete tempered
      • Maximized surface and minimized distance to the evaporator
  • Precise Vacuum control system
      • Digital vacuum controller for high reproducibility
      • Double vacuum sensor system (optional)
      • No problems with incondensable vapors due to high capacity oil free scroll vacuum pump (optional)
      • Vacuum line in huge diameter for maximum performance and easy cleaning
      • Automatic safety circuit for diffusion pump control (optional)
      • Double condensate receiver system to separate light ends
      • High capacity diffusion pump (65l/s → 234m³/h) with oil level indicator (optional)
      • Supersized vacuum cold-trap for outstanding vacuum performance
      • Cold-Trap with drain nozzle for easy maintenance
      • Optional electrical immersion cooler down to -90°C (no dry ice needed)
  • Vertical design for optimized product flow without hold-up in useless pumping lines
  • Hermetically sealed, high vacuum tight, tempered gear pumps for fully continuous operation
  • Complete tempered discharge system without any solidification of heavy residues
  • Sophisticated control cabinet for easy handling with CE and UL approval
  • All heating/cooling circuits with maximized diameter and minimized length for optimized heat transfer


Technical Data

flask-3 Feed range approx. 1000-7000 ml/h, dep. on application
evaporator Evaporator borosilicate glass/stainless steel 316
evaporator Feed-vessel 5000 ml, graduated, refillable
evaporator Product receivers variable (2x 5000ml included)
evaporator Evaporator surface 1000 cm2, short path
temperatur Operating temperature up to 200°C (250…350°C optional)
pressure Operating pressure down to 10-5 mbar (optional)
stromversorgung Mains Supply 230/400V 25A 3L+N+PE (50Hz or 60Hz available)