semi-micro distillation

Basic system, can also be equipped with fraction collector

semi-micro distillation

Especially versatile unit with highest separation efficiency and up-to-date processor control with most modern IP 65 PILODIST touchscreen monitor, mobile framework and automatic fraction collector.

The special advantages of the concentric-tube-column are:

  • extremely low pressure drop
  • highest separation efficiency
  • minimum hold-up
  • all-glass construction
  • static design (no rotating parts inside the column)

The separation efficiency in the concentric-tube-column is based on the physical principle of the mass transfer between vertically rising vapour and the spirally trickling film of liquid in a concentric annular gap made of glass. The column consists of two concentrically melted-in, especially selected and calibrated glass tubes.

fraction collector       fraction collector       fraction collector detail


Technical Data

Flask sizes 50, 100, 250 ml
Charge quantity up to 500 ml
Operating temperature 20° – 350° C
Operating pressure atm … < 1 mbar
Separation efficiency approx. 40 theoretical plates
Mains Supply 230 V, 50 Hz (60 Hz upon request)