Bio-fuel applications of PETRODIST® distillation systems

Bio-fuels and blends with fossil derived fuels in the middle distillate range, are becoming preferred and mandatory fuels in Europe and other parts of the world. Read More »

Re-Design of PILODIST® VLE 100 Vapour-Liquid-Equilibrium Apparatus     

The system has  been  manufactured for many years and sold to many research labs and universities worldwide. It has proven to be a reliable and well performing system. Read More »

Successful upgrade of old FISCHER AUTODEST 800 AC

PILODIST® has recently upgraded an existing 20 year old ASTM D-2892 crude oil system at PETRONAS refinery in Melakka, Malaysia. The system has been upgraded at site by 2 experienced PILODIST engineers by integrating new major components like a new fraction collector, a complete new electronic control system as well as the latest Read More »

Back to the roots …

PILODIST GmbH proudly announces relocation of the current two different production sites in Bonn to a new corporate headquarter in the industrial park of Meckenheim, just located at the outskirts of Bonn. Read More »

Fully automatic distillation system PETRODIST® 400 CC – 10/6 l

Processor controlled combined crude oil distillation system for fully automatic and simultaneous operation according to ASTM D-2892 (TBP) and ASTM D-5236 (Potstill). PETRODIST 400 CC is a combination of the following systems: Read More »

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in Vollzeitbeschäftigung. en Read More »

PILODIST® 100 CC with dehydration system

Redesigned PETRODIST 100 CC working in strict accordance with ASTM D-2892. The system provides a 20 L stainless steel flask and is equipped with an integrated water removal system (dehydration). This option removes water from wet crude samples. Read More »


PILODIST® has manufactured and successfully installed a customized fully automatic computer controlled system, basically working according to ASTM D-2892 for crude oil distillation but with a special type of distillation columns to allow a very high separation efficiency of up to 100 theroretical plates. Read More »

Glass blower

We are looking for a

Glass blower

in full time employment. de Read More »


PILODIST® is now offering Maxwell-Bonnell-Converter for download: Maxwell-Bonnell-Calculator.zip

PILODIST® bubble cap tray columns

PILODIST ® bubble cap tray columns, made entirely of borosilicate glass are frequently used for educational simulation in universities or studies of mass transfer processes in rectification, absorption as well as reaction. Read More »

Inhouse glass-blowing

PILODIST has its own glass-blowing shop in which recognized specialists produce unusual plant components and spare parts within the shortest time.