New combined distillation system PETRODIST 400 CC-A

PILODIST is proud to introduce a new distillation system to combine 2 different distillation procedures according to ASTM D2892 (TBP) and D5236 (POTSTILL) by sharing some essential components. Each of the 2 distillation procedures is designed to work fully-automatically without operator intervention with automatic evaluation including distillation curves. Both distillation set-ups are sharing a central fraction collector, vacuum supply and the thermostats. This new combined system offers full automatization for both distillation procedures, either TBP or POTSTILL. A superordinated software combines both the process results into 1 combined evaluation result with combined TBP-curve.

The system can be customized with several options available to upgrade according to customers needs, taking care of specific endusers safety regulations.

Like all fully-automatic systems, PETRODIST 400 CC-A, consists of a double pressure sensor system for each Procedure to extent the functionally for automatic ambient air pressure correction.

The standard PILODIST IP65 panel PC with glass front can be operated even with lab gloves. It is also equipped with a WIFI connectivity stick for remote online services from our German headquarter.